The 6 different types of students you deal with while doing group projects in co

The 6 different types of students you deal with while doing group projects in college.

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The 6 different types of students you deal with while doing group projects in college.

I recently had to work on a project for a marketing class in a group totaling 8 members, 8 members!!! (seven girls and myself.) A lucky man? I wish I could agree. I tried to get my-good for nothing but a waste of time, power point-a-day professor to allow me to work in less numbers so the quality of the content would be great but she refused and told me “that’s life.” As furious as I was (considering I pay about $18,000 a year for some one to teach me something) I bit the bullet and did the project with the Victoria Secret army I was grouped with to do so. After the presentation, the professor gave the project a “C-“ with the remark, “Not enough content.”

Let’s take a look on why working in such great numbers is such an issue.

First, there is the overachiever. this girl will take in more than she can handle and eventually complain that she was the only one working on the project.

Secondly, you have the good student. This is the girl (usually a misguided “business” student who can’t place her finger on what she wants to do with her life other than being successful and avoiding using a Mac for the rest of her time on earth.) who will do the project word for word to the “professors satisfaction” (or meet the requirements on the project proposal exactly) but within this, she will first make it harder for herself and for the group, will bore the classroom during the presentation, avoid the main idea of presenting (to communicate and idea to an audience) and the outcome of the project will lack all creativity, originality, and will ultimately look terrible and unprofessional.

Third, come your casual slackers, These kids (usually male) are nothing to worry about. They will be a part of every project you do for the rest of your life but they are never going to do anything. Best thing to do about the slackers is to act like their not their, don’t include them, they’ll eventually dig their own grave to nowhere and any college professor worth anything will see that.

The fourth is the quiet girl. She won’t be any harm and will do probably C to B level work but come time for the presentation, she’s going to stare at the terrible power point that the “good student” created, avoid facing the audience and confuse the shit out of everybody in the class.

Fifth; the Cutthroat individual. This is usually the person who ends up pulling it all together. They will start from day one and say, I want to know what sections you all are going to do, what you want me to do, and how long. Through his/her eyes, If there is a piece of the project missing, they have dated information as to who to blame and they’ll fight for a good individual grade, regardless of the group grade. Sometimes this person will not pull it all together, and that’s when the “overachiever student” will begin to A) Panic or B) get angry and/or sarcastic toward the rest of the group but will ultimately do nothing to help the final product.

The Sixth and final type of person in a group actually makes up 1/3 of any 8 member group. They are… we’ll no one really knows who they are. Because they never ever show up or do anything for the project at all. They are worse than the slackers because when the “cutthroat individual” is blogging about it in the near future he/she doesn’t know what to call them.

Thank you to everyone who read, and to everyone who has worked on group projects with me for the inspiration to be better than them.



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7 and a half things you were thinking about during the last day of your economic
The fact of the matter is, while our world outside is suffering from a global meltdown from toxins and other things that are said to be crashing down on us in the next 50 years, your inside a dense classroom with a professor way passed his day lecturing on and on about some sort of economics or inflation or something that even though your almost done with the course, you still know nothing about. So, what was it you were thinking about?

Here’s the countdown:

#1. Next cigarette, next meal, next nap;
    While Mr. Professor is jawing away about America’s invincible economy, were first thinking about how you skipped breakfast and how much you couldn’t wait to stop watching the clock and get out of their to eat some leftover Chinese from last night. You were thinking about how broke you are and how, even though you shouldn’t smoke, you really want to buy a fresh pack of flavored Camels. Even though you are barely awake right now, you can’t wait for your next dive into nap time.

#2. What am I going to get for my dog for Christmas?
    Or you’re Mother? Father? Sister? Brother? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Catfish? Hopefully you don’t have all of these to buy for; hopefully you don’t have all of these types of people in your life at once, but I suppose in some cultures, a boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time may be acceptable. Hopefully, this culture also doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

#3. “…how many days until I leave for spring break?”
    Everybody loves spring break! Go ahead; use your sidekick four’s calendar feature to count the days down to when you leave for you spring break trip with studentcity.com to Cancun or Acapulco or something.

#4. The kid in front of me really needs a shower.
    (It happens.)

#5. Oh, I remember my dream now…
    I was flying through the skyscrapers of the Boston night sky where I abruptly came upon Gene Simmons and my mother playing Jenga while sitting on the Falcor the luck dragon from the Never-ending Story. (I can’t believe I took that last night.)

#6. I don’t even know what economy is…
    I don’t know, I just don’t buy it. …MMMmmm Chinese.

#7. I’m going to write a blog about this later.
    And so it was, the clock ticked the departure time and I was that much closer to my Christmas break where I could more freely do #1 – 7 at ease without being interrupted by Mr. Professor and thoughts of Falcor the luck dragon.

Hope this was a good laugh!

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Nobody listens to Podcasts:
I was sitting in work recently surfing the pages for a new studio microphone to buy to record some decent sounding demos. I stumbled upon a mic made by Blue called the “Snowball.” The mic was knocked down to about a hundred bucks so I gave it a look. I thought the mic looked pretty cool and useful so I went down to the local guitar center to pick it up.

I walk in to the pro audio section, (and if you’ve ever been in a Guitar center, you know how thick the sales temperature is in their, you are meat with money) So I holler over to a green cardigan sweater wearing salesmen who, judging by the looks of him, knew everything there was to know about computers and star wars in the past decade or so, and said to him, “I’m gonna pick up the Snowball today…” He replied with a puzzled look on his face saying, “You doin some podcasting?” The answer was no, I needed it for something more useful but I wasn’t about to get into it with this guy. I walked out of the store seeing the salesman in the corner of my eye with a small smirk of a smile because of the couple bucks I just threw in his pocket from the sale.While I was playing with the mic I reminisced about moments ago, and what the salesmen had said to me and it dawned on me, no one actually listens to pod casts.

Given the thought, a pod cast is simply an audio file posted to Itunes or any Joe Smo’s website, as some inconvenient wannabe radio show about god knows what. Sorry Joe, but nobody cares, and nobody’s listening. To Mr. Podcast over in Idaho, my advice is to hop online, search for a local radio station, and start bringing them their coffee as an intern. This may end up being an opportunity for you to eventually create an audio show that some one other than yourself, you hamster and your walls will hear.


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